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Exodus is committed to provide not only the expedient solutions but also the most economic solutions to satisfy business communications needs. Exodus is focusing on the supply, installation, commissioning and after sales support of PANASONIC business communications systems. Exodus core business to date has been and is the outright sale and after sales support of computers, and networking Electronic Private Automated Branch Exchange (EPABX), voice loggers, fax machines and any telecommunications equipment. For the period we have operated our business success can be attributed to the following fundamentals.

The provision of high quality solutions, services and products to meet and satisfy customer requirements in relation to our customer growth.Being innovative by identifying and implementing cost – effective technologies and methods required to keep us competitive.Emphasizing on an entrepreneurial spirit, the base on which Exodus Telecom Services is built.A realization of the unique nature of an individual, resulting in a primary concern and respect of the individuality of each employee. Personal creativity is encouraged, valued and rewarded.

Customer service

Applying mastery, responsiveness, innovation to consistently exceed customers’ expectations


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